Introducing Family Health And Safety

A little over 5 years ago my family and I packed up and moved to Maine from Boston. For me, it was a return home, having grown up here. For my wife, born in the Philippines, the hard winters were a bit of a tough sell.

One of the things drawing us back to Maine with our twin daughters, besides the lower cost of living, was the relative safety of Maine. Maine has the lowest per-capita rate of violent crime in the country. To punctuate our decision to move here, there was a murder about a block from our house 5 days before we moved.

Dangerous encounters

Over the 20 years I lived in Boston, I had the displeasure of making it through a couple of violent encounters, an attempted mugging, drunk people wanting to fight me on the subway, people threatening my wife and I, somebody shot in front of my building. We also lived through an overturned gas truck burning down half a neighborhood near us, while living near a natural gas terminal that many agreed would be the #1 terrorist target in Boston.

As a dumb young guy who grew up in the suburbs in Maine, I became interested in personal safety rather quickly. It led me to eventually get a 3rd degree black belt in ketsugo jujutsu (a martial art focused entirely on self-defense). I became a certified crime prevention instructor, and I moved back to Maine.

With my instructor, I had the honor of teaching a number of people in local, state and federal law enforcement, including the MPs who are bodyguards for the Secretary of Defense. I taught self-defense anywhere I could from Harvard Medical School to a shelter for pregnant teens.

Family Safety

Maine is unique; in it’s geography, its culture, its weather, and certainly its people. My goal for this blog is to provide the very best information I can to help keep Maine families safe, healthy, and happy.

My promise to you is not just to supply you with uneducated opinion, but to give you research and expertise backed information without a hint of paranoia. Like my teaching style, I’ll try to keep this blog as fun as I can while providing valuable information.

It’s my sincere belief that the smarter we all are, the safer we all are.

John Moore

About John Moore

John Moore is a Maine native who overcame congenital physical limitations to achieve a 3rd degree black belt in jujutsu. He holds two master's degrees, and is a nationally certified crime prevention instructor. John teaches martial arts and self defense in the Portland area